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Juan van Emmerloot

 “Burnin’ The Rules” is a debut production of Juan van Emmerloot, on which he performes not only as a drummer, but also as a composer and producer. On this album you can hear instrumental rock music and rock songs played with soul and power, with great performances of: Snowy White (Roger Waters), John Bundrick (The Who), Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth), Damian Corlazzoli (Postmen) and many others.

Juan van Emmerloot is known for his international career performing on tours with some of the world's greatest guitarists: Snowy White (Roger Waters, Thin Lizzy), Walter Trout, Mick Rogers (Manfred Man's Earthband), Pat Travers, Steve Lukather, Mick Moody & Bernie Marsden (White Snake), Omar Dykes (Omar & The Howlers), Poppa Chubby, Peppino D'Agostino (the best acoustic guitar player in the United States of year 2007) and Stef Burns (Sheila E, Alice Cooper, Huey Lewis & The News).

Juan has worked frequently at the big Dutch studios: Dureco Studios, Wisseloord Studios, Fendal Sound Studios and in UK studios: Jacobs Studio (Farnham), Black Barn Studios (Surrey), Barefoot Studio (London) and Curtis Schwartz Studio (Surrey). Other studios where he performed on drums are Real Life Studios (FA) and the Urban Recording Studios (IT). He performed & recorded drums for many great musicians such as: Snowy White, Gary Moore, Chris Rea, David Gilmour Stef Burns, Max Middleton, John Bundrick and many more.

Juan van Emmerloot - Angel Eyes

Juan van Emmerloot - Burnin'the Rules Tour 2016

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Juan van Emmerloot - "Burnin' the Rules"
Album with 12 tracks pure sublime poprock tracks.

Quote Steve Lukather (Toto)

"My dear old friend Juan has made an amazing album here.

I put it on and it made me smile wide and groove and then it pissed me off cause I found out it was HIM playing the guitar and he is RIPPING !! AND the drums and writing and producing and.. ??Buy this record before I hurt him physically. He may need the money for a Dr. No one should have all that talent! haha (There are some amazing performances by his guest muso friends as well!) I am really knocked out by this music.

Steve Lukather Sept 2014

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Juan van Emmerloot Juan van Emmerloot

Juan van Emmerloot - Why (One & Only)
Debut single from Juan van Emmerloot album Burnin' the Rules. (Single)

Juan van Emmerloot - Angel Eyes
A classic Christmas song feat. Roberto Tiranti & Burnin The Rules Project (Single)

Juan van Emmerloot Juan van Emmerloot

Juan van Emmerloot -Burnin'the Rules (drums play along) album)
Now you can play your own drums with this great classic poprock album from this master drummer Juan van Emmerloot.

Juan van Emmerloot - Burnin'the Rules (guitar play along) (album)

Burnin' The Rules is an album where guitar and drums have an absolute leading role. It Rocks and it Rolls! Drummers worldwide wrote to me thank you notes and explained how much they enjoyed playing along with the 'drum-along' version of my inspired me to serve Guitarplayers too! So here it is: Burnin' The Rules for all of you Guitarists! Pick up your Strat, Les Paul or any guitar you have, plug in, jam and get inspired by this rockin' music....don't forget to put the FUN-factor button on 11!

Juan van Emmerloot Juan van Emmerloot

Juan van Emmerloot - Heart Blown
composed: Juan van Emmerloot
guitars: Damian Corlazzoli 
Bass, programming & editting: J.v.E.
mixing & mastering Luca Liviero at BIOS MUSIC
video clip edit: J.v.E.

Juan van Emmerloot - Hidden Treasures
Composed: Juan van Emmerloot & Thomas Bank
Drums, Guitars - Juan , Bass - Paola Zadra , Tenor - Jan van Oort , Keys - Thomas Bank (single)

Juan van Emmerloot - Don't waiste this time
Again another great track from his upcoming album from Juan van Emmerloot, together with a special Drum-Along version.

Juan van Emmerloot - Ocean Almighty
Again another great track from his upcoming album from Juan van Emmerloot, together with a special Drum-Along version
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Jazzindahouse Groove Impact

Jazzindahouse - Yep Yeah!
A dynamic new track with Juan van Emmerloot on drums and percussion

Jazzindahouse - Highway feat Juan van Emmerloot
Jazzindahosue meets drummer Juan van Emmerloot and created this jazz fusion track.

Groove Impact - Yep Yeah
Juan van Emmerloot and Dave van Beek, 2 leading Dutch drummers, play live on a super groovy track produced by Emile Bode. And you can join them on the special Drum-Play-Along version.