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"Jazzindahouse " is a music project started by Emile Bode from TheRoomRecordings. A music project which combines jazz, R&B, nu soul, dance, trance, hip hop, house, disco, rock and sound scapes.

Emile Bode is Jazzindahouse
Emile Bode is producer for several music styles for labels, artists, movies and advertising. He playes, writes and produce most of the songs himself.

This project gives him the opportunity to work and create music with great musicians. Join his musical adventure.

Special guest musicians

I'm asking worldwide different musicians to contribute to this project. And I'm a lucky man that a lot of this talented people want to join me on this musical adventure.

The first tracks were recorded with trumpet player Eric Vloeimans , he surprised and showed me that traditional instruments can have a place in modern dance music. Also we recorded a track with the lovely bass player L'dia on Bass. Soon the track will be online. And we are working on other tracks with other artist you can see below this text.


Jazzindahouse: Thinking of New York

Project 1: Thinking about New York
After a 2 week stay in New York in Dec 2012, I wanted to put my inspiration back into some music tracks. Right now I'm writing with some new tracks with specific musicians in mind for solo's and singing. And it's gonna be nice. Release is scheduled after the summer 2014.

Project 2 : Thinking about Rotterdam
While working on our New York project, we are also working on our next project about Rotterdam. We are in the stage of writing, producing and looking for the soloist for this album. We are allready very exited about the new idea and the release is planned in the beginning of 2015.

Jazzindahouse in the movies
The first tracks are already placed in a major Dutch television serie. Thanks to

Jazzindahouse music is released by the Dutch jazzlabel New Jazz Adventure.

Jazzindahouse - Thinking about New York (Part 1)

New Jazzindahouse track from The Urban Journey series: With Frans Vollink(bas), Edward Capel (sax), Juan van Emmerloot (drums) and Emile Bode (production/keys). Man, proud on this one.


Jazzindahouse - Track Moeilijk Jazzindahouse

Jazzindahouse - Track Moeilijk
A tribute to an old friend.

Jazzindahouse - Yep Yeah!
Juan van Emmerloot and Emile Bode decide to work out this great track with awesome synths and great drum and percussion playing.



Jazzindahouse - Let's scream tonight feat Jan van Oort & Miss Flower.
Little dark and weird track with vocals in style of the early David Bowie. Jan van Oort: lead vocal and sax. Miss Flower: backing and add libs.

Jazzindahouse - Strange feat Miss Flower
A slow , dark and mysterieus track with some nice vocals from Miss Flower.


Jazzindahouse - Don't Funk Me
This funky jazzy deep house track will move you.

Jazzindahouse - Highway feat Juan van Emmerloot.
Jazzindahouse meets master drummer Juan van Emmerloot and created this jazz fusion track.


Jazzindahouse - Between my legs feat. Stella Bergsma

Jazzindahouse - Pussy feat. Stella Bergsma
The first Jazzindahouse release with the Dutch beat poet Stella Bergsma (Einsteinbarbie).


Jazzindahouse - Subway
Wandering in the New York subway..


Jazzindahouse - Lonely Fool Lost
The nice vibe of the slow rythms with the awesome trumplet playing of Eric Vloeimans.

Jazzindahouse - Leaving the silence
The nice vibe of the slow rythms with Eric Vloeimans (trumpet) , Juan van Emmerloot (drums) and Emile Bode (keys, production)


New Jazz Adventure

Esther Van Hees
Esther Van Hees and Emile Bode teamed up for several new tracks.
"Measure Of My Days
(Jazzindahouse Mix)"
"Traveling Light (Jazzindahouse Mix)"


Thinking About The Port Of Rotterdam Vol1

Thinking about the Port of Rotterdam
A compilation with Zangeres Zonder Naam, Johnny & Rijk, John Lee Hooker, Esther Van Hees, Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and many more...
Buy on Itunes..


Late Night City Ride Vol1

Late Night City Ride Vol.1
A compilation of tracks with a late night city ride in mind. With Jazzindahouse, Ray Charles, Dave Brubeck, Ella Fitzgerald, Eric Vloeimans & Gloria Bosman, Miles Davis, Juan van Emmerloot, Kool And The Gang and more...
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Last updated: Friday, June 9, 2017

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Who do you hear..    

Emile Bode

Emile Bode - Composer and Producer

Dutch producer, sing & songwriter and remixer. No matter what genre, he can do something with it in a creative way. That's why he is been asked a lot for remixes and for special music request for movies. His style is a mix from real instruments like Rhodes, synths and guitars with todays modern software.


Esther Van Hees

Esther Van Hees

Her first EP 'Got Wings' tempted Jazzflits magazine to predict “a new star in the sky of jazz”. Eric Vloeimans said: “Esther sings like an angel” and pianist Randal Corsen heard a unique combination of jazz and cabaret.

It is clear to see: the young Belgian singer touches the audience with her honest performance and clear voice. Her style is being defined as a breathtaking combination of text and melody, a mixture of jazz and poetry. Together with Jazzindahouse (Emile Bode) they made a perfect combination between lounchy jazz vibes with classical and soulful arrangements. A perfect combination for another great track from Esther Van Hees.

L'dia on bass

L'dia on Bass - Bass and vocalist
Great bassplayer and singer from the Netherlands.


Reindert Kragt

Reindert Kragt - bassplayer

Juan van Emmerloot

As a drummer Juan did a large amount of studio sessions in the UK and the Netherlands. His fascination and passion for recording music started at the age of 15, using the "pingpong" technique with mono tape cassettes players. During the studio sessions later on, Juan has had the privilege to work with many great producers such as Ken Thomas, Curtis Schwartz, John Sonneveld and Don Willard. Through these occasions he learned to listen to the acoustics of a live room, how to use various microphones and how to combine the analogue and digital recording sessions. Today Juan works in his studio "40 Lions Place" on a daily basis, recording drums for: Marco Canepa (It), S.O.B. Studios (Amsterdam), Bi-OS Productions (It), French House Recording Studio (Fa) and producing albums for international music artists like John Bundrick (The Who, Bob Marley), Stef Burns (Alice Cooper, Sheila E) and Snowy White (Rogers Waters).


Frans Vollink

Dutch bassplayer, composer/arranger and studio co-owner/producer, nice to meet you! Dont you just hate those third person bio’s? I’ll try to keep it brief and personal overhere. For those of you interested in who I am and what I do, I’m happy to tell you a little bit about myself and my music. When a friend played Jaco Pastorius for me at age 16 I got hooked to the electric bass. After two years of fierce woodshedding, I started studying at several Music Academies. After graduating (teaching degree in 1996, masters degree in 1998), I had the great fortune to play with some of the finest musicians around like Lale Larson, Gary Husband, Eef Albers, Richard Hallebeek, Marc Guillermont, Randy Brecker, Gerard Presencer, Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Rob van Bavel, Coen Molenaar, Nigel Hitchcock, Wayne Johnson, Guthrie Govan, Jose de Castro, Carl Verheijen, Greg Howe, Bob Mintzer, Jasper van’t Hof’s Pili Pili and so many others. ps he's also bassplayer from Tristan


eric vloeimans

Eric Vloeimans - Trumpet player

Eric Vloeimans has been active in a wide variety of ensembles all over the years. 
Vloeimans' performances and recordings with a multitude of other formations has shown his versatility. His musical talent, easy-going attitude and great sense of humour have brought him to play with national and international artists such as Mercer Ellington, John Taylor, Peter Erskine, The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Jasper van 't Hof, Wayne Horvitz, Charlie Mariano, Nguyên Lê, Jimmy Haslip, Philippe Catherine, Joey Baron, the Holland Baroque Society, Lars Danielsson, Michael Moore, Tuur Florizoone, the Matangi Quartet, Bojan Z., Eric Vaarzon Morel, Martin Fondse, soundartist Michel Banabila, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and many, many others.

Stella Bergsma

Stella Bergsma - Beat poet, artist and singer

Stella Bergsma is a singer and beatpoet. She the frontlady of the band EinsteinBarbie.


Edward Capel - Sax
Edward Capel


Robert-Jan van Schoonacker - Drums


Jan van Oort
Saxophone and vocals


Saskia Floor/ Miss Flower

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Jazzindahouse is a project from the record label TheRoomRecordings and New Jazz Adenture

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