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Started in 1998 in Rotterdam - The Netherlands, TheRoomRecordings (TRR) stands for music productions for artists, movies, theatre, television, videos and modern dance-arrangements. Please contact us if you have any question or assignment.

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Emile Bode

* About Emile Bode

Emile Bode is musician, producer, composer and remixer. No matter what genre, he can do something with it in a creative way. That's why he is been asked a lot for remixes and for special music request for movies. His style is a mix from real instruments like Rhodes, synths and guitars with todays modern software.

TheRoomRecordings is the label where he brings his dance music under the artist name BM . He is also producer and remixer. So, if you have a song which need some character to it, contact us for more info.

We also make music for new artists and bring it out on TheRoomRecordings. You can contact us for more info. info [@] theroomrecordings [dot].com


* speaker on ADE 2011
* speaker on Dancefair 2012
* specialist on Jazzdag 2012, 2013


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Emile Bode

* Producer Emile Bode keeps his ears open to listen

“Making music has become very accesible but therefore not less challenging to do.”

A convincing opinion of music producer Emile Bode (44). Using Cubase and the digital environment, as well as authentic instruments, this composer of dance, jazz and film music also makes remixes and is the owner of TheRoomRecordings. At Dancefair he will share his years of experience with us:

“Business appointments first and then all out in creativity.”

10% Creativity and 90% sweat on the walls, is how Bode summurizes his work as a music producer. He believes he gained his popularity as a producer of film music through his creativity, his broad vision and his determination. “I’m a quick and hard worker. Besides working on my social networks for one hour a day, I’m often to be found in the studio until
three ‘o clock in the morning. Currently it’s quite extreem…At the moment I’m producing around 25 tracks in two weeks”

After finishing his study at the Rotterdam school of art in 1993, Emile immediately started his own agency. “I’ve always combined sound and video. For all my video’s I’ve always produced the music without putting myself up there as front artist.”
This changed when he teamed up with Hiphouse Legend Fast Eddie and made a production together with him. “From that period I realized that as a producer you have to beware of your rights at all times.”

Making music seems to be possible for everybody nowadays because the boundaries are dissapearing. “Since the arrival of the internet you don’t need a label or manager anymore. But making sure you are having a clear business deal is important,” says Bode.
Emile had some nasty experiences as a 17 years old entrepreneur. “For instance, you can let the NTB (Union for sound producers) check the contracts you are working with. But also Buma Stemra is able to help you with these issues. Buma Stemra is an institution not to ignore in the business,” says Bode.

“Making music is fun but behind all the fun is a hard business world!” according to Bode.
At Dancefair he will definitely be giving tips about which ways to protect your rights as an producer and songwriter. But also: How do you make sure you money keeps coming in?
For all music makers Bode has another pieceof advice: “Quality is being kept by intensive listening and by staying open to different kinds of music and by listening to it’s story. No matter it’s a huge or just a small production, keep listening… music is such an amazing journey!”

(source: Dancefairl)