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New Jazz Adventure


We are proud we worked some of the most interesting musicians in the world. Here you see some of them.


Emile Bode / BM

Dutch producer, sing & songwriter and remixer. No matter what genre, he can do something with it in a creative way. That's why he is been asked a lot for remixes and for special music request for movies. His style is a mix from real instruments like Rhodes, synths and guitars with todays modern software.

Juan van Emmerloot op TRR

Juan van Emmerloot

 “Burnin’ The Rules” is a debut production of Juan van Emmerloot, on which he performes not only as a drummer, but also as a composer and producer. On this album you can hear instrumental rock music and rock songs played with soul and power, with great performances of: Snowy White (Roger Waters), John Bundrick (The Who), Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth), Damian Corlazzoli (Postmen) and many others.

Juan van Emmerloot is known for his international career performing on tours with some of the world's greatest guitarists: Snowy White (Roger Waters, Thin Lizzy), Walter Trout, Mick Rogers (Manfred Man's Earthband), Pat Travers, Steve Lukather, Mick Moody & Bernie Marsden (White Snake), Omar Dykes (Omar & The Howlers), Poppa Chubby, Peppino D'Agostino (the best acoustic guitar player in the United States of year 2007) and Stef Burns (Sheila E, Alice Cooper, Huey Lewis & The News).

Juan has worked frequently at the big Dutch studios: Dureco Studios, Wisseloord Studios, Fendal Sound Studios and in UK studios: Jacobs Studio (Farnham), Black Barn Studios (Surrey), Barefoot Studio (London) and Curtis Schwartz Studio (Surrey). Other studios where he performed on drums are Real Life Studios (FA) and the Urban Recording Studios (IT). He performed & recorded drums for many great musicians such as: Snowy White, Gary Moore, Chris Rea, David Gilmour Stef Burns, Max Middleton, John Bundrick and many more.

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Burnin' the Rules
The band Juan van Emmerloot started his solo cd is now a complete new band.
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Jan is a saxophonist with a lyrical tone. He knows very well to bring melancholy 'trickless' to the edge so the feeling stays fresh and unexpected. He played for example with Bobby Jacobs and Thijs van Leer (Focus), Roy and Elmer Louis (formerly Passport) and Jonn Reyna. With Juan and Walter Jan performed his songs at the support act of the Yellowjackets. Also he did recordings for keyboard player John 'Rabbit' Bundrick, former member of the famous "the Who."

Marlies Du Mosch op TRR

Marlies du Mosch

"Sonate Minimal" and "Long Light" are both illustrative of the complex yet accessible work of composer and pianist Marlies du Mosch. Sonate Minimal takes you like a heartbeat. It fits in the tradition of Philip Glass and Steve Reich, but does with the meditative character also think of Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt. With the implementation of instrumental jazz song Long Light, Marlies du Mosch shows her love for jazz. Together with saxophonist Franklin Caesar, she lifts the song to a smoky, cinematic atmosphere, in which a story is told without words.
Produced by: Emile Bode


Arthus Hendriks

Arthur Hendriks

Arthur Hendriks work as a Composer and Sound Designer  mainly for the Dutch Television like the Dutch TV series Danni Lewinski.  His musical palette is diverse. It’s goes from Orchestral to Electronic flavoured with Sound Design.


Frietboer @ TRR

Frietboer & Facebook

Frietboer, a.k.a. Thijs van den Bosch (Etten-Leur, NL), has an affection for hip-hop and distortion, while samples from long-forgotten '90s dance acts give away
his roots. These elements are recognisable in his music and live shows, coming together as a wall of noise which he likes to call “boombapcore”.
About 5 years ago, in 2007, Frietboer decided to expand his range and work on more diverse projects. Over the period 2007 – 2010, he produced 5 mixtapes, called “Frietboerism 1/5”. Following the completion of Part 5, he went on to arrange a bigger project—“Fiks”—in collaboration with 25 musicians and vocalists. A documentary on this project is available at Frietboerism: Fiks (in Dutch). One of his latest remixes is for the famous Dutch group Acid Junkies.



JP Pino studied jazz guitar at the Schumann Academy in Utrecht, and with the German artist and jazz guitarist Uli Kurner. He was singer, guitarist and band leader with different bands like Frugifer and Revolution 9. With the funkbands Groove Syndicate and OctavePussY he released several albums, and toured Europa as a frontman.

Claudia Catherine is a philosopher and vocalist. From her teenage years she has been writing her own songs. In 2005 she founded the Stichting Filosofie&Maatschappij (foundation for philosophy and society), and has organised philosophic cafe's in Nijmegen for many years. She studied jazz at the Schumann Academy, and with jazz vocalist Ronald Douglas. Claudia also works as advisor and project leader at ArtEZ school of the arts.


Elco Jongkind

The half Spanish half Dutch guitarist/composer started his own Trio.

A range of different genres influences his music. He integrates with ease styles like jazz, blues till traditional flamenco in his compositions and playing. Elco played with artist like Fred Wesley (James Brown), Jamal Thomas (Maceo Parcer), Eef Albers (focus), Baatin (Parliament-Funkadelic). 


Eric Vloeimans

Eric Vloeimans

Eric Vloeimans has been active in a wide variety of ensembles all over the years. 
Vloeimans' performances and recordings with a multitude of other formations has shown his versatility. His musical talent, easy-going attitude and great sense of humour have brought him to play with national and international artists such as Mercer Ellington, John Taylor, Peter Erskine, The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Jasper van 't Hof, Wayne Horvitz, Charlie Mariano, Nguyên Lê, Jimmy Haslip, Philippe Catherine, Joey Baron, the Holland Baroque Society, Lars Danielsson, Michael Moore, Tuur Florizoone, the Matangi Quartet, Bojan Z., Eric Vaarzon Morel, Martin Fondse, soundartist Michel Banabila, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and many, many others.

Eric has also ventured into film music, writing (with Fons Merkies) and performing the music for the feature film “Majesteit” (premiered in September 2010), as well as for the animation film “Audition” (with Martin Fondse). 

Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie

Creator of an original Chicago sound, DJ Fast Eddie has become a hip-house legend in the music scene. His popular house grooves synchronized with rhythms made him a musical phenomena all over the globe.

DJ Fast Eddie needs no introduction.
At least, not for anyone who has tracked house music. He is as integral to the house movement as Marshall Jeffers on, Todd Terry, and Kevin Saunderson. Why? In the wake of acid-house, Eddie coined a new musical style that he titled HIP-HOUSE. By fusing house tempo beats with old-skool hip hop percussion and rhyming, Eddie set the standard for this new genre, challenged only by Doug Lazy and Kool Rock Steady ( RIP ).

However, during that stint, he produced one of his first singles in collaboration withKenny "Jammin'" Jason entitled "Can You Dance?" , Fast Eddie came out with other house tracks such as "The Whop" based on the dance of the same name. Also, Fast Eddie left WGCI for WBMX for a short stint and then quit that to concentrate on producing. Fast Eddie scored one of his biggest hits with "Acid Thunder" on the DJ International Label. "Acid Thunder" is regarded as a classic of the Chicago acid house genre. However, it was the track "Hip House" which really increased his popularity. Fast Eddie popularized the genre of Hip house and produced several tracks afterward. He scored several hits on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart , including " Git On Up" (featuring Sundance), which spent weeks at number one and is RIAA Certified.

Later he released " Make Some Noise", Fast Eddie made two collaborations that are considered under the genre of "Ghetto House." The first of these is entitled "Booty Call" and the other is entitled "Pump It". Both songs gained a lot of airplay on Chicago radio and in clubs.

Some of his hits: Yo Yo Get Funky, The Whop, Jack To The Sound, Hip House, Acid Thunder.


Maurice Steenbergen

Best known for the 1992 European hitsingle 'Poing', which is one of the best selling house classics of all time. His work is featured on 170 different CDs, LPs and cassettes, and holds two entries in the UK Guiness Book of Hit Records.

Produced tracks as and with Armageddon, Wicked on Wax, Evil Maniax and made several remixes for artists like Ruffneck, Human Resource, Lenny Dee and Paul Elstak. Back in those days he played at numerous big parties, like A Nightmare In Rotterdam, Parkzicht and Megarave and had international bookings in countries like England, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany and a legendary liveset at the infamous Limelight Club in the USA. Ultimately awarded with Gold and Platinum status for selling more than 1 million copies worldwide.


Hilary Jane

Hilary Jane (CANADA)

Canadian singer songwriter, Hilary Jane has entered the music world, full force, with her début album "THE RIGHT TIME" The Montreal born artist tempers her incredible R&B vocals with hip electronic rhythm that reminds us of the stylings of Lisa Stansfield and Tina Turner all rolled into one! Her brilliant hooks and lyrics appealing to all ages, captures the listener with her tongue and cheek humour and seriously biting satire. An album of vocally driven hits, it will please any pop, AC, electronic and dance listener.

With the addition of incredibly strong and driving dance remixes by Netherlands Producer, Emile Bode, this album is a perfect addition to your summer playlist!

Guido @ TRR

Guido Pernet (Human Resource)
Guido on Facebook

Guido is the only remaining member of the HouseAct "Human Resource". With the release of Dominator in 1991 the group wrote history. Their signature sound was sampled a lot and reused in the gabber hype that lasted until about 1999. 10 years after their sound, which at the time was seen as a hard and aggressive, was rediscovered and used by pop icons Lady Gaga and Rihanna in their songs.
Subsequent collaboration with Erik King and Mark van Dale in DubFoundation production team spent several top 40 hits, Polder Gabber icon Mosselman and DJ Jurgen's Higher and Higher



Rena Scott

Rena Scott

Soul vocalist Rena Scott has traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe performing alongside R&B's and jazz's most reputable acts, including the Temptations, Natalie Cole, and Aretha Franklin, and yet her career successes stemmed more from doing commercial jingles for Levi and Sunny Delight in addition to serving as the national spokesperson for Harvey's Bristol Cream wines. The long gaps between albums and virtual absence from the '90s were marked by hard times, depression, and fruitless label deals. Over two decades after the release of her first album, she established a more stable footing with her own independent record label, Amor Records, and returned with the charting single "Remember" in 2006.


Kees Diks

Kees Diks maakte in zijn jonge jaren furore als bandparodist. Hij trad talloze keren op in onder andere discotheken, bars, feestzalen en theaters. Daarnaast luisterde hij met zijn optredens bruiloften en verjaardagen op en werd hij vaak gevraagd voor feesten van bedrijven en sportclubs. Onder zijn eigen naam bracht hij enkele singles uit, maar werd in 1989 landelijk bekend als Sjakie Zoeloe met het nummer Ojééé Agossie; een parodie op de succesvolle titelsong We Are Growing van de serie Shaka Zulu van Margaret Singana.

Nu staat Kees Diks opnieuw in de schijnwerpers. Met zijn Barbecuelied gaat hij de slagers goede tijden bezorgen. Dankzij de Dutch latin pop-sound is het een heerlijk zomers nummer dat overal voor gezelligheid zorgt.




After 17 years of international experience as a DJ and producer, you could say that D-Felic is a force to be reckoned with. The ‘D-Felic LIVE’-shows are energetic and surprising, often supported by guest musicians and vocalists. The live sets consist of purely own productions and are characterized by “instant composing”, making each show a unique experience.

As a DJ he’s performed at countless clubs and festivals in The Netherlands. D-Felic is known and appreciated for his ʻFunky and Eclecticʼ sound, in which he seamlessly mixes Electronic Soul, Nu-jazz, Broken Beat, Deephouse, Afrobeat and Latin, into a sound you can’t stop dancing to.

His playing field has recently expanded towards Los Angeles, where’s he’s made over a dozen live appearances, and counting, as he regularly returns to what is slowly becoming his ‘home away from home’. His visits have not gone unnoticed, as they’ve resulted in several co-productions and remixes with and for artists like Mark de Clive Lowe, Rahsaan Patterson, Om’mas Keith, Erykah Badu & Shafiq Husayn

D-Felic’s reputation as a live artist, DJ and producer is growing as fast as his appetite and ambition, and now he’s ready to take on the rest of the world!

Alias de Bromtol

Alias de Bromtol
Sketches en liedjes voor kinderen en de "never grown-ups"

Gekke toestanden, jazzmuziek, verhaaltjes die wel een beetje anders dan anders zijn met ongewone helden en aparte mensjes afgewisseld op 4 gloednieuwe tracks:

'Soepermen' kan zijn tenen wel 10 meter lang maken maar moet ook gewoon een pyjama aan. Ome Jan maakt het wel erg bont met koken in "Kokkerellen met ome Jan", maar hij heeft wel een plan! In Neptonia komen blauwe mensjes onze planeet bezoeken en in het "Chinees Lestaulant" roepen ze de gerechten door de microfoon.

De muziek is ingespeeld door Nederlandse topmuzikanten uit de pop, rock en jazz scene.

Voice-over en zang: Jan van Oort
Toetsen: Toon Diks
Bass: Walter latupeirissa
Drums: Juan van Emmerloot
Productie: Juan van Emmerloot en Jan van Oort
Mixing: Juan van Emmerloot
Mastering en publisher: Theroomrecordings


Edward Capel @ TRR

Edward Capel

Frederike Schonis

Frederike zingt ruim 25 jaar jazz en beschikt daardoor over een repertoire die er niet om liegt. Met diverse bezettingen en combos treedt zijn op door de Benelux. Haar drang om eigen werk te schrijven, gebaseerd op haar gevoelsleven groeide echter steeds meer. ​

In 2013 besloot ze mee te doen aan een writers weekend, waar haar eerste eigen song geboren werd: "Gathering My New Life"

​Deze song werd opgepikt door producer Juan van Emmerloot die haar vervolgens in contact bracht met een  netwerk van muzikanten uit de pop en fusion. Door de collaboratie met dit nieuwe netwerk konden haar eigen songs zich verder ontwikkelen en werden er regelmatig opnamen sessies gedaan. Deze opnamen kwamen terecht bij haar huidige muzieklabel TheRoomRecordings, met een debuut release als gevolg.

BM Devils Ride

Sara Brown


Miss Flower

Stella Bergsma

L'dia on Bass

L'dia on Bass

Mell at theRoomRecordings

Mell Music



Body Language de film

The Female Lovers (New Kids)

Helene Di Firenzi

Kathy Brown (USA & UK)

Helene Di Firenzi

Helene Di Firenzi

Tino theroomrecordings


Marilyn Lucinda